Ready. Steady. Go.

Salaroo is simple. It is simple to set up, it is simple to access and it is simple to work with.

It's all in the Cloud

There is no installation, you don’t need to download or install anything and you don’t even need a PC! Salaroo is software as a service (SAAS) which means that it is accessed via a web browser, just like internet banking.

Use Anytime, Anywhere

All you need is a username and a password – that’s it. Wherever you are in the world, it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on Apple, Android or Windows-enabled devices.

It's Easy!

After login, you will notice that the most used function keys are within easy reach.


All you need

Salaroo has everything you need to manage your payroll online.

Real time

Issue payslips & direct credits, perform payroll analysis, run reports in real time without using up your computer’s resources.


You can manage multiple company payrolls with a single user or delegate to other users. Choose what works for you.

Always up to date

Government legislation updates happen automatically so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Manage absences

Employees can login to the system to book their own leave. It’s fast, efficient and is reflected in the payroll online. Approve leave with a single click and the system updates its records, displaying it on the payslip.

Data you need at your finger tips

Move your employee documents, files and photos to Salaroo. It is organised, safe and always available wherever you are.


Payroll calculation per employee € 3.00
One-time company registration fee € 75.00

That’s it! No additional costs.

Maintenance FREE
License fee FREE
Upgrades for new government legislation FREE
Online support FREE

*All prices are exclusive of VAT



Preview and send FS3s via email directly from Salaroo. Handy isn’t it?

Online Dataviewer

Use Salaroo’s database to its full potential. Create, modify and export reports from wherever and whenever you need them.

Print Queue

Do you need the report you just closed? Use the print queue to call it up again instantly. Time is money.

Online Leave Management

Take leave management to a whole new level. Preview, manage and book leave online. New company calendars and reports make managing that much easier.

Upload employee data by CSV file

Easy import of employee data via CSV file. Download the import template from Salaroo, fill it in with your data and import it into the system. Simple and efficient, isn’t it?

Upload of payroll adjustment via CSV file

If you prefer to import payroll adjustments by CSV file, we have the right import template for you.

Multiple report run

Save time by triggering several reports at the same time.

Increased security

Feel even safer with Salaroo’s new secure (https) protocols.


The House Shop

“Salaroo is user friendly and backed up by professional support. It’s a reliable payroll system.”

FCM Bank

“It is an efficient and reliable solution for our payroll needs, with the added benefit of being reasonably priced.”


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Latest COVID-19 Updates

These are the latest guidelines regarding the latest payroll COVID-19 related updates.
Please check this section frequently as the guideline document below is subject to regular changes regarding the on-going COVID-19 updates.
Thanks and stay stafe!

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